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My pond bench is inspired by the ponds on the farm in Ohio. In the pond there lives coy fish of orange, black and white. On the banks live frogs and above the pond sits a carving of a wizard.

In the air is a wide variety of flying bugs and birds. Dragon flies and bees are often seen. On one particular day there was a hawk sitting on the wizard's head with a black snake in its mouth!

My bench features many of the creatures seen there. There is a coy fish jumping out of the water to catch a fly while a frog sitting on a giant lily pad looks on. An enormous dragon fly hovers above, watching as well.

There is a big black snake on one side of the bench while on the other side a brown and white hawk perches on the head of a wizard carving. The hawk has a keen eye to the other side of the pond where the snake sits unaware of him in the grass.

On the inside of the sides of the bench you will see a wide view of the pond with many lily pads vanishing into the distance. i like to wrap my images around from one side to the other and paint every inch of the bench.

Sharon Miller Copyright 2010